Thursday, September 13, 2007

TRAN BACH DANG: A GUIDE TO PITNEYSPEAK. OK, so a few month's ago I posted a posty that explained how Tran Bach Dang was a way to say: "Buy me a soda". For those of you not in the know, Tran Bach Dang was some Vietnam War figure who died this year. The soda connection comes from my trying to explain to Finky who Tran Bach Dang was. . .but at that point Finky wasn't paying any attention to me due to an overwhelming thirst. So he just blurted out: "So, does that translate to 'You're buying me a soda?!?" Thus an immortal term was born.
Of course, since then I've decided - - wouldn't it be a great thing to assign OTHER people who died this year (and had funny names) a new meaning as well. That way they will always be with us -- AND we can have more fun communicating around the ole workplace. And since we never do any actual WORK there, we might as well do something like this. Therefore, behold the NEW Pitneyspeak Dictionary of Terms. Keep in mind that more terms may be added to the lexicon as more and more silly-named people kick off. Also, please feel free to use these terms at your very OWN workplace. Don't worry, I won't charge you a royalty for using them . . . unless I hear about it from somebody.
A note: most of these names can be used as exclamations but, where applicable, I will provide a usage in a sentence. Also, when I want you to pronounce it a certain way (other than how one might assume it is pronounced), I will provide a pronunciation guide as well. But please, keep in mind that every single term is an actual person's name who died this year; check it out on imdb if you don't believe me.
So now on with the dictionary:
TRAN BACH DANG - means "Buy me a soda!"
BONG SOO HAN - means "I need some fucking ice cream!"
TAT-WAH CHO - means "Both of 'em?" as in "Are those your skis?" "Yes" (PAUSE) "Tat-wah cho?"
LALE ORALOGLU (pronounced Lolly Oral Oh Glue) - means "Lend me some licorice."
HRANT DINK - means "Gimme your eggroll! NOW!"
CLAUDE GAI - means "Shave your nipples!" as in "Fink! Claude Gai!"
DA-BIN JEONG - means "Your shoe's untied."
POMPIN IGLESIAS - means "Slacking" or "To Slack" as in "Will you do something?!? You've been sitting around all day pompin iglesias!"
PETER POCOCK - (pronounced Peter Poe Cock) - see Isabella Blow
ISABELLA BLOW - see Peter Pocock
HERBERT FUX (pronounced. . .Oh, YOU know how to pronounce it) - means "Aw! Who shit down the side of the toilet again?!? I mean, how can you go in there and not realize your crack's not lined up properly? I mean, really!!!" as in "Someone Herbert Fuxed!"
TERRY MAJOR-BALL - mean "Damn, I have a headache!"
DRISS CHRAIBI - means "You've got something hanging off your chin."
POORNACHANDRA TEJASWI - means "Gezundheit"
OSMO HARKIMO - means "Huh?"
WAHID-UD-DIN ZIA-UD-DIN AHMED - mean "Um . . . no."
SVATOPLUK BENES (pronounced Svatopluk Beans) - means "Excuse me, your balls are showing."
EEKI MANTERE (pronounced Eeki Man Teer) - means "Let's do lunch"
KNOCK YOKOYAMA - means "I'm gonna punch you right in the throat!"
BING DEVINE - means "I like it" or "That's good"
OUSMANE SEMBENE (pronounced Ooze Main Sem Beenie) - means "Don't sit in that! It's all oogey!" or any other variation of "Look out there's something disgusting there; don't get any on ya!"
DEBBI DATZ-PYLE - means "Look Out! I've got the runs!"
DRAGOLJUB LUKOV - means "I think I've got milkshake poisoning!"
HON LAM BAAU - means "What's that? You're buying me lunch?!?"
TSOU-CHOI TSANG (pronounced SUE CHOY SANG) - means "Shit!"
MIODRAG NIKOLIC - means "Um, Fink's Mom . . . you're leaking."
Study up and let Pitneyspeak enrich your language.


Cerpts said...

I wanted to make sure I mentioned the help I had with this post from my co-writer: the lovely and talented Fink. Can you guess which ones Fink wrote?!???

I betcha can.

Pax Romano said...

What does Jane Wyman translate as?

Cerpts said...

I think it means: "Boy, did I marry wrong!"

Fink Master Flash said...

Ah!, this was a refreshing trip down memory lane. I was cracking remembering how we came up with all these!!!