Sunday, December 09, 2007

EXPLICIT PENGUIN. Traditionally the winners of the Penguin Awards are announced in the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. However, since I've done so much work whittling down the nominees to a winner (and since I have a moment to take a breath and post 'em) -- I'm gonna announce them now. Congratulations to all the winners.
SONG OF THE YEAR: Back To Black - Amy Winehouse
ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Back To Black - Amy Winehouse
COVER SONG OF THE YEAR: Bitches Ain't Shit - Ben Folds
DUET OF THE YEAR: Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
BEST COVER ART: Awkward Annie - Kate Rusby
Oh, and why the title "Explicit Penguin"? Well, simply because the winners for song, album and cover song are all chock full of explicit lyrics. Naughty, naughty penguins!
The race for the Penguin Awards was particularly tight this year with album, song and cover song battling it out back and forth with a few really strong contenders in each category. Just for the record: the strongest sluggers for cover song were Ben Folds' "Bitches Ain't Shit" (and congratulations to Ben Folds for FINALLY winning a Penguin Award after so many years of almost winning), Deadsy's "Wicked Game" and Amy Winehouse's "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" being the top 3. The two strongest contenders for album of the year were Back To Black by Amy Winehouse and Time On Earth by Crowded House; but the Amy Winepowerhouse won through. And the top 3 contenders for song of the year (and this was the toughest category) was extremely close between Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black", Rufus Wainwright's "Going To A Town" and Fountains of Wayne's "Someone To Love".


Cheekies said...

I call foul and fowl or whatever else I have to call! Kenny Rogers was ripped off!

Fink Master Flash said...

yeah, how could you turn down the creator of such fine food establishments?!?

BTW, Amy Winehouse blows!! why should we give credit to someone who is such a fuck up? no no no(in the words of Ms. Cunthouse). that song is terrible.

ya know just when i thought the credit worthiness of the penguin awards was in good standing you go and do something like this. how am i supposed to trust these awards anymore? now they are on the same level as the Grammy's if not the level of the Latin Grammy's.

I am with cheekies, FOUL/FOWL!!

and cats are cunts!

and will you take that damn word verification off your blog. christ! everytime i go to post a comment i have to enter in a bunch of random letters. what gives?

i am just fucking with you. . . this is what you get for taking off two days and sticking me with two tubs of regular mail.

Cerpts said...

Cheeks - it's OK we sent Kenny a box full of porn so he's fine with it.

Fink -- actually Ms. Winehouse's behaviour is the very definition of rock & roll so bringing up her "troubles" is only one more point in her favour. And naturally, as if I had to state this one more time, anyone who belongs or has ever belonged to the Dave Matthews fan club nullifies any and all opinion privileges and reveals the musical taste of a intestinal polyp.

I'm just sayin'.

Fink Master Flash said...

damn!! i can't argue with that. . . Dave Matthews has been sucking it hard pretty bad lately(in the studio that is, live he still kicks it).

and yes, she fits the "mold" of the rock and roll star. but i generally dont care for that mold. i dont care much for DMB's drug association but they at least stay out of the laws way(and the negative headlines). except for dumping 800 gallons of shit on unsuspecting tourists. but they weren't on the bus.

polyps have good taste.

Cerpts said...


Oh, and I think you meant to say "polyps taste good"!