Saturday, October 13, 2012


DO YOU REMEMBER DYNAMITE MAGAZINE?  Well, if you do - first off, you're old.  But if you DO remember getting Dynamite Magazine at school from the Scholastic Book Club, then be warned.  Next week we're going to present the guts of one of my favourite issues I got back then:  issue #12 with my beloved Count Morbida on the cover (I think that was the only time he MADE the cover) presenting the Dynamite Monster Bash!  But until next week, here's a little taste of something to hold you over -- a nice later cover and an article from the late 70s.  Enjoy! 

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Here's a hint to read them easier: click on a picture to "biggify" it then right click and save it to paint or whatever on your 'puter - the image will be huge and easily legible.

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