Monday, October 22, 2012



The video immediately under this post is fascinating.  It finds Damon Lindelof once again being asked to "explain" the ending of LOST by possibly one of the most annoying, ill-informed and plain dopey interviewers I've ever seen -- in fact, the interviewer doesn't let Lindelof answer his first question until after he's been rambling for 2 minutes!  Be that as it may, we have yet another dopey individual who was "disappointed" with the ending of LOST because it was "ambiguous" or "unclear".  Whereas anyone who was remotely paying attention knows that the ending of the series could not have been more clear -- if you were paying attention which sadly many people "disappointed" with it clearly are incapable of doing.  The interview is fascinating not only in the jaw-droppingly stupid things said by the interviewer (more on that in a moment) but in the almost saint-like patience Lindelof displays in reiterated what was stated clearly yet poetically in the finale.  For instance, the dunderhead interviewer actually looks at Lindelof and complains he felt like the finale of LOST made him think "what was the point" since everything we saw never actually happened.  Where even a cursory glance at ANYTHING shown during the final episode shows quite clearly that everything (except the so-called "flash sideways" events in season 6) very definitely DID happen.  As Lindelof quite rightly (and with infinite patience) points out to the interviewer, Christian Shepherd tells Jack, when Jack asks if any of it actually happened, that everything ABSOLUTELY DID happen.  Far from being unclear or ambiguous, the LOST finale couldn't have been more clear about it.  How is it that, 2 years later, there are still idiots (like this interviewer) who missed this clear statement?!?!  It boggles the mind.  Anyway, despite the incredible annoyance of the near braindead interviewer, this interview is still very interesting to watch as Damon Lindelof very caringly and gently tries to clear up these wrong-headed misconceptions people disappointed with LOST's so-called "ambiguities" and "failure to provide answers" seem to still be holding on to.  I guess sometimes some people DO need a smack upside the head to get them to see what was put right in front of them all along.  Especially if you're an interviewer who has apparently never read a book nor contemplated anything more subtle or nuanced than an episode of "FULL HOUSE".  So if you have any interest in LOST at all, I think you'll find the video below very rewarding.

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