Wednesday, October 17, 2012


WHILE WE'RE WALLOWING IN THE 1970s, how about unearthing that bi-weekly horror newspaper called THE MONSTER TIMES.  Published every 2 weeks during its first couple years and then monthly later on, THE MONSTER TIMES was a newspaper about horror and science fiction films, tv and comic books published from 1972 until it gasped it's last in 1976.  It was meant as something as a competitor to FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine but really they were two different beasts.  Here are a couple covers and back cover ads from some of my crumbly copies in the vault.  Remember these newspapers are just that -- newspapers -- and not only are they too big to fit in my scanner when unfolded, they are also brittle as all hell.  I love you but I'm not gonna destroy them just for a blog.  Sorry.  But here are some glimpses of that peculiar 70's animal:  the bi-weekly monster newspaper THE MONSTER TIMES.

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ernest said...

I'd completely forgotten MONSTER TIMES...How sad!