Friday, October 05, 2012



As most people know reading this blog, Bob Wilkins was a legendary horror host in California starting in the mid-60s until his death in 2009.  Now, I grew up here on the east coast and my horror host growing up was the Philadelphia area's Dr. Shock (Joe Zawislak who died much too young in 1979) so naturally I never saw Wilkins show back then.  That's why this DVD is such a treasure trove because it presents samples of Bob Wilkins' Creature Features broadcasts from the entire span of his career! 

Now the format of this DVD is very unique and make it a perfect choice to play during a Halloween party as well as enjoyable viewing any October eve.  The bottom of the screen has a constant "crawl" showing what movies Bob showed on every single episode of Creature Features ever broadcast - and the date each show aired as well. 

Above that, the screen is usually split into left and right screens which shows clips from Bob Wilkins on one side and various monster movie posters, art and movie trailers on the other.  These alternate back and forth making for a vital, eye-catching visual experience.  The entire DVD begins with Bob's earliest B&W footage and progresses chronologically year to year.  The graphics are kept bright, colourful and always moving for those viewers with low attention spans.  Then, of course, there's Bob Wilkins' sparkling dry with which makes this DVD a gem.  Unlike most horror hosts, Wilkins wore no costume or makeup but merely sat in his trademark rocking chair wearing his trademark glasses and smoking his trademark cigars. 

Bob Wilkins is held in such well-deserved reverance by his fans because of his charm and wit; both of which he possessed in abundance.  He famously described his show's format as "weak movies and unknown guests" and even more famously posted the credo "Watch Horror Films .... Keep America Strong".  The California location for the programme also seems to have ensured Bob a great deal of major guest interviews including Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, John Belushi, Donald Sutherland, John Landis, William Marshall and guest shots by countless others including Jack Benny, Gary Owens, Jim Nabors and even Ronald Reagan makes an appearance (all shown on the dvd) -- not forgetting the ever-suffering Harry Martin. 

This DVD is simply a lot of fun to watch and plays like the video equivalent of a trick or treat bag filled with countless different candies.  Like the previously mentioned GROTESQUERIES dvd below, this DVD is a must-see for your October viewing.  So, I'll paraphrase Bob Wilkins himself by inviting all those of you out there with bad breath to join me in watching THE COMPLETE BOB WILKINS CREATURE FEATURES DVD -- and you people with nice breath . . . . you come along too!


wellyousaythat said...

Loving Bobs yellow rocking chair. His proto-geek ensemble is very 2012 too; right down to the skinny fit and specs.

Cerpts said...

You said it! And that yellow rocking chair can currently be seen under the bum of horror host Mr. Lobo, one of Bob Wilkins' spiritual children, on his Cinema Insomnia programme. Check out the Cinema Insomnia link over on my "link list" in my blog's right hand column.

wellyousaythat said...

Checking Monsieur Lobo forthwith

Cerpts said...

I've been an official member of the Sleepless Knights of Insomnia (Mr. Lobo's fan club) for about a decade now -- even though i can't see his show since it's on the west coast and I'm on the east coast.

However, now with the wonder of the intraweb, you can watch episodes of his Cinema Insomnia on his website.

Unknown said...

Mr. Lobo is relocating to the East Coast. Cinema Insomnia will be making brand new episodes at Zom-Bee TV studios in Virgina and he will be residing in Pennsylvania.

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