Thursday, May 24, 2007

Perhaps it's Davy's Dinghy then?


Cheekies said...

Oh where to start with all of this?!?!?!?! Maybe I should just put it in my own blog. (Thanks for the plug op.) Although I will say this; as any loyal and true (read: addicted) Lost fan, you certainly have the episode taped. Now go back and see how many different printings of "Not Penny's Boat" you can notice. I counted at least three different either locations or printing. Those editors are so goofy. You gots to go to my blog for the rest. Including the proof of just who is in that coffin. Now I only gotta go write it. Hey I got 8 months, no hurry. I better not die before this show is done. I'd be pissed if I missed the ending.

Cheekies said...

Plus I would be dead, so that would make me a little peeved as well.

Cerpts said...

Actually MY money is on Davy's Dinghy.