Saturday, May 05, 2007

OK, I suppose for most everybody she will always be remembered as Juliet. And that's fine. The 1968 film "Romeo and Juliet" was a very good adaptation. It also featured a Romeo and Juliet who were the CORRECT AGE; Olivia was only 15 and she subsequently won a Golden Globe award for it. Now, I had a thing for Olivia before I ever saw her in "Romeo and Juliet" however (although I was probably about 15 myself when I finally did). By the time I first saw her, she was actually the older woman! And it's this Olivia (rather than the "Juliet" one) that I really prefer; when her face went from cute to ravishing. Stunningly beautiful with those almost glowing eyes peering out of her olive-skinned face, Olivia also has one of the most alluring and mysterious voices ever heard on screen. All this comes from her combined English and Argentinian heritage. All I know is that VOICE -- husky and soft at the same time with odd little exotic inflections -- pretty much did it for me! Her acting career never really matched up to her early Shakespearean success but I still love her in such films as the Agatha Christie all-star murder mystery "Death On the Nile", the charming little detective film homage/spoof "The Man with Bogart's Face", Stephen King's "It", the 70's remake of old dark house silent film "The Cat and the Canary", as Norma Bates in "Psycho IV: The Beginning" or the remakes of "Ivanhoe" and "Lost Horizon". Sometimes these were only excuses for me to watch Olivia. Valid excuse.

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Cerpts said...

I wonder if SHE'S ever been close to a raging Bill Paxton?!?