Friday, May 04, 2007

YOU WANNA CRY??? That's the question the Finkmeister asked me this morning when he showed me this story. "No!" I said but he showed it to me anyway. And here I am showing it to you. It's about a little dog named George in New Zealand who stood up to two attacking pit bulls to protect five kids. . .and died in the process. You can read the full story by clicking here. I urge you to click on it and read the complete report. Suffice it to say, this fits in very well with Finky's anti-pit bull story on his own blog (there's a link to it over there on the right). It seems not only were the two pit bulls allowed to run loose but they also were probably routinely given methamphetamines to make them MORE vicious. Cute. In my opinion, the owners of the pit bulls (who were found and destroyed) should be prosecuted for attempted murder. Poor little George would not let the pit bulls get at the children (one of whom was 4 years old) but challenged the pit bulls again and again while the children ran for help. By the time help came, George's wounds were too great and he had to be put down. This brave little dog never stood a chance but he wouldn't give up and run away. . . and George didn't even BELONG to any of the children. He was merely protecting some defenseless children (some of whom most certainly would have been killed in the attack if it hadn't've been for little George). This is something that never should have happened and, even though it made me feel like crying, I'm glad Finkster showed me the story. And yes, this is just ONE MORE pit bull attack story to be added to the MOUNTAIN of pit bull attack stories we hear about nearly every day. When exactly will these "pit-bull apologists" admit how dangerous these dogs can be. And no, it's not demonizing pit bulls; that's only their natures, it's true. However, that's the nature of a Bengal tiger also. . .and we don't see people keeping THEM as pets. So WHY exactly is it OK to keep pit bulls as pets? Lions and tigers and bears are inappropriate as pets. And yeah, so are pit bulls. Deal with it.


jennypower said...

My pit bull has never attempted to attack a child, an adult, or another animal. I heard he once tore into a piece of chocolate cake at a party at his Uncle Rob's house, so since then I've been extra diligent about his exposure to chocolate cake. Let's not blame the breed for their nature, and instead hold their caretakers responsible.

Cerpts said...

You have a poodle. You're not fooling anyone!!!

But seriously, ladies and germs. I concur. As I said in my brilliant op ed piece, it's merely in their nature and the owners should be held completely responsible. That's why I believe the owners of those two pit bulls (who were giving them meth for goshsakes) should be prosecuted to the limit of the law. And no pudding for them, either! I MEAN BUSINESS!!!!