Sunday, October 21, 2007

IN TODAY'S HALLOWEENIE MOVIE, WE VISIT THE SIX. Do you know about the six??? Well, you will if you watch the 1978 horror flick "THE LEGACY". Now, this is one of those horror films which made quite an impression on my as a kid. I first saw it on HBO when cable and HBO were brand new things; remember watching EVERYTHING multiple times just because cable was new?!? Well, this is one of those movies I watched over and over. I loved the creepy atmosphere and that spectacular old mansion featured in it!
The bizarre plot centers on Katharine Ross and Sam Elliot who have been invited to do an architecture job in England. For big bucks. Whie riding their motorcycle through the idyllic English countryside, they are almost crashed into by the expensive car of Jason Mountolive. The rich guy invites them back to his palatial estate for a cup of tea. However, owing to the "backwardness" of country living, they end up having to stay the night until the bike is repaired. Almost immediately, a strange assortment of characters starts to arrive (by helicopter yet). It seems that this oddball (yet successful) group owes their success to Mountolive and have come to inherit his legacy. Mountolive is apparently dying (although he looked just great for his motor ride with Ross and Elliot). Among the group is Charles Gray (whom you might remember as the demonic sorceror Mocata from "The Devil Rides Out" and the narrator from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show") and The Who's own Roger Daltry. Then, of course, there's the creepy Nurse Adams (wonderfully played by Margaret Tyzack).
Naturally, when Ross and Elliot attempt to leave (several times) they are thwarted by apparently occult forces as there's more to Mountolive and his happy abode than first meets the eye. And, of course, each of the six guests begin to meet grisly deaths almost as soon as they arrive. Not even a chirpy romantic 70's theme song sung by Kiki Dee can dispel the sinister atmosphere permeating the movie and it's my kind of house to spend a Halloween in. And the chance to see Roger Daltry's neck slit open while choking on a chicken bone (although he only ate ham and pate at dinner) is worth the effort to watch this marvelously over-the-top spook fest.

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Pax Romano said...

A Classic - sort of. Always enjoyed this movie. The swimming pool scene always got to me.