Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nothing says Halloween like maggoty grave dirt. And no one did maggoty grave dirt better than "Ghastly" Graham Ingels. And I'd just like to know how such a nice, clean cut looking boy could produce such "ghastly" artwork!!! We can only be thankful that he did. Way back in the 50's during the heyday of E.C. horror comics, Graham Ingels was the master of horror art in the pages of Tales From the Crypt, The Vault of Horror and The Haunt of Fear. I preferred "The Haunt of Fear" because in that title Ingels usually got to do TWO stories (he only got one in the other titles). In fact, I liked it so much I got the complete series -- hardback bound & slipcased, Jack! "Haunt" was horror-hosted by The Old Witch and she was all Ingels! The artwork of modern horror artist Berni Wrightson (creator of Swamp Thing as well as his illustrated version of Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein") was obviously HUGELY influenced by "Ghastly" Graham Ingels. So if you want to really get into the Halloween mood, dig out some reprints of E.C. horror comics and drink in Graham Ingels' artwork like a bat at a debutante's throat. And if you DON'T have any E.C. horror comics reprints. . .well, what the hell's wrong with you?!?!?!

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