Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE MORE HALLOWEEN THAN VINCENT PRICE??? Well, 4 Vincent Prices. At least 4 records which have Vinnie reading spooky stories, poems and. . .yes, even spells! Here we have just such a group of records from the 70's.
The first record is called "Tales of Witches, Ghosts & Goblins" and that's just what they are. Vinnie reads "The Smoker": one of the most bizarre scary folk tales I've ever heard in my life!!! He also provides the eager listener with witches' spells to raise the dead, to become a werewolf and more.
The second record is called "A Coven of Witches' Tales" wherein Vinnie reads more stories and spells such as "To Summon Another Witch", "To Make A Witch Pockmarked" and "To Cause A Witch To Die". Fun stuff. And so practical, too!
The third record is called "A Graveyard of Ghost Tales" and features Vinnie reading such tales as "The Ghostly Hand of Spital House" as well as more how to spells for how to make a "Hand of Glory" as well as "Protection Against the Hand of Glory".
And the fourth record is "A Hornbook For Witches" which finds Vinnie in top form reading poems such as "Witches On the Heath" and "All-Saint's Eve", a lot of "how to" stuff about "The Familiar", "The Coven" and "The Magic Circle" as well as some good advice as in the tracks "How To See Ghosts and Surely Bring Them To You". "Don't" is a particularly useful track where Vinnie gives sound advice on how NOT to piss off a ghost. Also in the "brew" are some great stories such as "Thus I Refute Beelzy" and "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall"; two favourites from my little ole youth.

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