Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WAY BACK IN THE 70's, WHEN GOTHIC HORROR WAS KING, there was a board game tie-in for DARK SHADOWS. I used to have this game when I was a kid but, by crikey, I don't no longah. It was the Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game and the object was kind of like a three-dimensional game of "Hangman" only without the letters. I seem to recall the game itself wasn't that interesting to play; it was the contents of the game box that was cool. There was a nice plastic coffin in there (actually only the LID of the coffin was plastic -- the bottom of the coffin was sadly only cardboard) which held all the bones for 4 skeletons. You'd spin the spinner and hope to land on the space with the bone you need (that's what SHE said). The first one to complete a skeleton wins. Big deal. I don't think we ever actually played the game; we just put the skeletons together and stood them on the desk or something. I also seem to recall the skeleton glowed in the dark but I may be mistaken about that. The game also came with a pair of plastic vampire teeth which had no function in the game itself. Oddly, THAT is the one thing from the game which I still seem to own. Of course, I'm not about to try them on; decades-old kid spit is something I don't want any parts of.

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