Friday, October 05, 2007

SPOOKY WACKY PACK OF THE DAY #1. You know, for somebody who was never a collector/buyer of bubblegum cards, there have been a LOT of card posts on this blog this month. But here we have a continuing occasional feature of October: the spooky side of Wacky Packages -- cards (or actually stickers) that parody well-known products. These were around (and HUGE) in the 70's and all us kids bought them constantly. Actually, I hear Wacky Packages are STILL being produced today. Anyhow, while these stickers are not particularly horror-related, there were a few now and then which had a "scary" take to them. So, from time to time I'll post one in the spirit of Halloween. And here's the first: a spooky parody on that old favourite Ovaltine. Enjoy, Monster Kids.

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