Sunday, October 05, 2014


HALLOWEEN HAS ALWAYS BEEN A TIME FOR KIDS.  It seems like lately we may have forgotten that since trick or treating is becoming something of a lost practice among children in recent years.  However, here and there during this month's COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN I'll be posting some vintage magazine covers from "the good ole days" when kids dressed up as ghoulies and ghosties and went door-to-door in their neighbourhoods among the fallen, crunching leaves.

For our first installment, I'm going to post a few covers from WEE WISDOM - "a character-building magazine for boys & girls".  Any kid who still goes out trick-or-treating dressed as a monster has tons of character in my book!

October 1953

October 1958

October 1963

October 1964

October 1965

October 1966

October 1929
October 1951

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Richard S. said...

It's not just the changes in society that mean there aren't families of kids going around to the other families in their neighborhood anymore; in part it's that adults have stolen Halloween from the kids by turning it into a cosplay festival. Look, I understand that it's the only holiday in the year with no obligations or cultural baggage, but you can have a Masquerade Ball anytime. Let the kids have some fun, OK?

Your fellow 2014 Cryptkeeper (or maybe just another old fogey),
Richard @