Saturday, October 04, 2014


WHEN I WAS A KID, I ALWAYS READ CRACKED MAZAGINE (AND MAD TOO, OF COURSE).  But I really loved CRACKED because it always had a lead story parodying some big movie or TV show drawn by the incomparable John Severin.  The artist had a genius for drawing likenesses which was all-important for these parodies to work.  Around 1977 or so, I picked up an issue of CRACKED which had a parody of the classic Steve McQueen film THE BLOB. 
My cousin Loran and I took an immediate shine to "THE TALKING BLOB" (who would make many subsequent appearances in CRACKED during this time period.  "Blobby", as we affectionately called him, became a beloved friend each time he returned.  Here now is that original story in it's entirety (which you can read better if you click on the pictures and biggify them).  Batties and ghouls, we present "THE TALKING BLOB".

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