Tuesday, October 08, 2013


IF YOU GREW UP IN THE SEVENTIES, YOU KNOW THE ARTWORK OF GEORGE PEED.  During that spectacularly rich time of children's records when there were skillions of releases from TV and cartoon tie-ins to Power Records super-hero adventures.  As a kid myself, I know that there simply wasn't enough money to buy all the kids records I would see on the tables of Listening Booth, Sound Odyssey or the local department store.  However, many of those wonderful records featured the distinctive artwork of George Peed on the cover.  George was once an artist at Disney and did character designs on "FANTASIA" as well as the beloved 60's TV cartoon "THE MIGHTY HERCULES".  Famous kiddie record label PETER PAN RECORDS used George to do covers for many of their releases.  As part of the Halloween Countdown celebration, I thought I'd post a few of the nicest of them.  Enjoy.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Good stuff, art in their own right. And lots of detail!

Joshua Raymond said...

These George Peed covers are great. I had several of them as a kid in the 1970s and '80s. A few years ago my band put out a Halloween inspired record called "Monster Men," and George Peed was a big inspiration for me when I drew the artwork for the cover.

Cerpts said...

I agree. Absolutely masterful artwork! I'm lucky enough to still have the LPs from my childhood; I really should frame the covers and hang them on my walls.

Brian said...

George Peed's work was so inspirational to me as a fellow artist...it still is even to this day, so much so that I pattern my style after him. It was because of his artwork that I started collecting several lines of Peter Pan Records (and many other labels afterward) for over 30 years.

I had the opportunity to meet him and his wife in 1999, and they were the nicest people you would ever meet, and just as supportive of my aspiration as an artist.

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