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The host, Rev. Marc Time, sited personal and financial reasons why he could no longer continue the award-winning radio programme.  The good reverend put on a highly entertaining show of music old and new which many would label "eclectic"; i.e. following a Flaming Lips song with Rosemary Clooney.  However, that's kinda what I do so I was definitely in sync with his radio show and it will be sorely missed.  Hopefully one day Rev. Marc Time will return to the airwaves.  However, luckily there are quite a few episodes available for a free listen over at  And since it's the Halloween Countdown, I thought I'd pay tribute to the late, lamented "SUNDAY MORNING HANGOVER" show by posting a link to one of the Halloween shows.  Just click this link and it'll take you over to the Internet Archive for two hours of Halloween listening fun!  FYI here is a playlist:

10:00AM Roxy Music "The Bogus Man" from For Your Pleasure (CD, Album, 2000) on Virgin, UK)

10:03AM Korla Pandit "Kartikeya" from Plays Music of the Exotic East (Vinyl, Album, World) on Fantasy Red Vinyl

10:06AM The Shaggs "It's Halloween" from Halloween Classics: The Evil, The Demented, and The Just Plain Weird (2007) on Legacy Recordings

10:09AM Pressman "Witch Doctor Head Shrinker's Kit" from Marc Time Library

10:12AM The Who "Boris The Spider" from The Who: Thirty Years of Maximum R&B (Box Set) (1994) on Polydor

10:15AM A.I.P "Werewolves On Wheels Trailer" from Marc Time Library

10:18AM The Cramps "Human Fly" from ...Off the Bone (1979) on IRS CATALOG

10:21AM TV Themes "The Addams Family" from 100 Greatest TV Themes (Re-Recorded Versions)

10:24AM The Damned "Curtain Call" from The Black Album (CD)

10:27AM Korla Pandit "Speak To Me Of Love" from Speak to Me of Love (Vinyl) on Fantasy Blue Vinyl

10:30AM The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown "Fire" from The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

10:33AM Screaming Jay Hawkins "Constipation Blues" from Halloween Presents a Frightful Party (2009) on Horizons & Resolutions

10:36AM KidzTown "Dr. Who (Theme)" from Favorite TV Themes (2009) on Ba-Ba Music

10:39AM Angelo Badalamenti "Fats Revisited" from Lost Highway (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) (1997) on Interscope (US)

10:42AM Amazing Criswell "Someone Walked Over My Grave" from Marc Time Library

11:00AM Kevin Ayers "Song from the Bottom of a Well" from Whatevershebringswesing (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk, 2003) on Harvest (UK)

11:03AM Warner Bros Cartoon "# 1 Dog" from Marc Time Library

11:06AM Frankie Stein and His Ghouls "Frog Frug" from Ghoul Music / Shock Terror Fear (2005) on Groovy Grinds

11:09AM British Movie "Devil Girl From Mars Trailer" from Marc Time Library

11:12AM Original Soundtrack "In Heaven (Everything is Fine)" from Eraserhead (CD) — written by Peter Ivers

11:15AM Frankie Stein and His Ghouls "A TASTE of POISON (Surf)" from Ghoul Music / Shock Terror Fear (2005) on Groovy Grinds

11:18AM Bernard Hermann "Psycho Shower Scene" from I Solisti Italiani On Cinema (1996) on Denon Request

11:21AM Julee Cruise "The World Spins" from Floating Into the Night (CD, Album, Private, 1989) on Warner Catalog and O/H

11:24AM Frankie Stein and His Ghouls "WHO'S AFRAID of WEERDO WOLF (Watusi)" from Ghoul Music / Shock Terror Fear (2005) on Groovy Grinds

11:27AM Schwump "Aphids in the Hall" from 45 on Schwump — with the Residents

11:30AM Fred Schneider "Monster (Album Version)" from Fred Schneider & the Shake Society (2005) on Rhino/Warner Bros.
, USA)

11:33AM OST "Yellow Alert" from The Prisoner TV Show

11:36AM OST "Overture and Theme to" from Ed Wood

11:39AM Betty Boop(Mae Questal) "Helle's Belle's" from Marc Times Cartoon Archives

11:42AM Tortura "Spanking on the Keys" from Marc Time Erotic Archives

11:45AM Roky Erickson and The Aliens "Don't Shake Me Lucifer" from 45 (CD, Comp, 1998) on Rhino (USA)

11:48AM Herman Munster "Herman Speaks" from The Munsters

11:51AM Frankie Stein and His Ghouls "ANKLE TWIST (Twist)" from Ghoul Music / Shock Terror Fear (2005) on Groovy Grinds

11:52AM The Electric Prunes "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)" from I Had Too Much to Dream (2005) on Rhino/Warner Bros
, USA)

11:55AM Lon Cheney Jr "Spider Baby" from Scary as Hell

11:56AM Roxy Music "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" from For Your Pleasure (Remastered) (2003) on Virgin
, UK)

11:57AM Dracula "I Want to Bite Your Hand" from I Want to Bite Your Hand (Single)

11:58AM Rebekah Del Rio "llorando (crying)" from Mulholland Drive: Original Motion Picture Score (CD, Album, 2001) on Milan Records

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Sorry. Always sucks when something we love goes away. :(