Tuesday, October 22, 2013


"YEAH, MAN!  I CAN ALREADY TASTE THOSE CHOCOLATE-COVERED HOT DOGS!"  Nothing beats the first couple seasons of SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU?" for Halloweenie viewing.  I'm pretty sure I add an episode or two of Scoob each Halloween Countdown I do. 

So this year I'm taking you down to Rocky Point Beach for the grooviest, spookiest beach party in the third episode of Season One:  "A CLUE FOR SCOOBY-DOO" which features that great, ghostly, glowing ghost in the deep-sea diver suit covered in seaweed.  Boats are disappearing and the ghost of Captain Cutler is getting the blame.  The legend goes that as Captain Cutler sank down to the "graveyard of ships", he swore revenge and is now returning from his watery grave.  This episode is drenched in sea-fog to give it one of the best, spooky atmospheres the cartoon ever had.  There's plentiful foghorns on the soundtrack, the accoutrements of witchcraft and even a nice, spooky old lighthouse.  Shaggy himself even sends the point home when he says as they snoop around the lighthouse:  "Wow!  Like, this place is furnished in early Halloween!"  You can't argue with that!    

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