Thursday, October 24, 2013


IT'S 1973 AND I'M STAYING WITH MY GRANDPARENTS FOR THE WEEKEND.  I'm coming home from a walk with my grandmother all the way down Westfield Avenue in Pennsauken to Thor's Drugstore where I picked up a Charles M. Shultz PEANUTS paperback, my beloved Black Jack gum, the new issue of THE OCCULT FILES OF DR. SPEKTOR and RICHIE RICH AND JACKIE JOKERS comic books and a couple packs of YOU'LL DIE LAUGHING trading cards!
Oh . . .and did I mention that "THE EXORCIST" is playing at the Walt Whitman as we walk by on Westfield Avenue and I'm much too little to go see it?!!  Grrrrrrrr.  Well, at least when I get back to my grandparents' house I'll have my new goodies as well as a couple issues of Marvel's black-and-white horror mags VAMPIRE TALES and DRACULA LIVES still to read.

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