Tuesday, October 22, 2013


TODAY'S INDUCTEE IS A SEQUEL OF SORTS TO A PREVIOUS INDUCTEE.  Although there were many, many sequels.  This is another "break-in" record which was created by the pioneering hit single "THE FLYING SAUCER" by Buchanan & Goodman.  The 22nd inductee into the Batty Halloween Hall of Fame is . . .


I'm still not clear whether or not Dickie Goodman was involved with this record.  I believe the story is that "creative differences" broke up the team of Bill Buchanan and Dickie Goodman and this two-part 45 single is the teaming of Buchanan with Bob Ancell.  Regardless, the record appeared on the "Flying Saucer" label and is identical in style to the earlier monster hit.  This time, we are in a horror movie called "The Creature from the Black Slacks Lagoon" featuring a "50 foot glob of goo" named "Peanuts" who is alternately described as looking like a giant grasshopper with a big beak on it originating from the ocean floor!  No matter.  I had this 45 as long as I can remember - just like "THE FLYING SAUCER" 45 which had been in my mother's record collection when she was a teenager.  However much I love "THE FLYING SAUCER" record, I love "THE CREATURE" at least as much.  A classic which deserves its place in the Batty Halloween Hall of Fame!

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