Thursday, October 31, 2013


SORRY IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE THE LAST HALLOWEENIE TELLY PROGRAMME.  Life has a way of getting in the way . . . which is why it's so much more fun being undead!  Today I thought I'd revisit that "last gasp" (until recently) of the studio that dripped blood:  THE HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR. 

Today's episode features those fun and frolicking furry fiends:  werewolves!  I can remember around 1980 or 81 this series was syndicated on one of our local UHF channels probably at 11pm.  I would sometimes be able to sneak a peek at it that late and I have memories of seeing particular episodes.  Unfortunately I don't recall having seen this one until it was released on DVD about a decade ago but it's certainly very "Hammer Horror", all right! 

Lovely married couple Tom and Sarah Martin are driving down an English country road when their car suddenly goes out of control as if by some supernatural means; the couple careen to a halt near a deserted stretch of woodland.  Following a path and hearing the laughter of children, they come upon a great old house in the woods presided over by the matronly Mrs. Ardoy and her bevy of angelic-looking children -- who don't seem to be interested in eating dinner and are eagerly looking forward to nightfall.  

The opening shot of the episode's pre-credit sequence surely grabs your attention when a sweet blond child hovering over a dead animal suddenly turns to camera with a blood-smeared grimace!  The Martins are nicely played by Christopher Cazenove (known from my childhood as Lord Haselmere on THE DUCHESS OF DUKE STREET) and Celia Gregory and the legendary Diana Dors is splendid (as usual) in the role of the cryptic Mrs. Ardoy.  There's werewolvery aplenty on view for your Halloween enjoyment!   

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