Friday, October 25, 2013


SPEAKING OF SCOOBY-DOO. . .  Next we have the third season Halloween episode of SOUTH PARK from 1999 guest-starring the band Korn. 

While never one of my favourite SOUTH PARK Halloween episodes, there is some funny stuff here.  Notably, the SCOOBY-DOO parody is done by people who obviously have a great deal of affection for the classic cartoon.  South Park's local radio station KOZY is sponsoring a "Halloween Haunt" where Korn will make a live appearance.  Unfortunately, the local priest wages a one-man war against the "satanic" holiday and "satanic" band.   On the way into town, Korn drives their "Mystery Machine-like" van off the road after seeing some pirate ghosts.  Meanwhile, the boys decide to get revenge on the fifth graders who've scared them by digging up Kyle's recently-deceased grandmother and using her corpse to frighten them.  Unfortunately, when the boys hide the corpse behind some boxes on a pier, a stray dog eats the corpse and they cannot find it the next day:  Halloween.  All is made right again when Korn unmasks the culprit behind the pirate ghost mystery, the dog barfs up the corpse and Cartman discovers a blow-up Antonio Banderas doll he thinks is his Christmas present!  Awww, Niblet!

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