Wednesday, October 09, 2013


REMEMBER A FEW DAYS AGO WHEN I POSTED THAT SNAZZY "GHOSTLY HAUNTS" STORY?  Remember when I mentioned how that and a DR. SPEKTOR story were the first experiences with anything Lovecraftian I ever had in my life?  Well, I want to post that story as well because it's always been a favourite horror comic and it would fit well within this Countdown to Halloween.  Not only does it have occult investigator Dr. Adam Spektor and his beautiful assistant Lakota Rainflower facing off against a disciple of the Lovecraftian Old Gods but it also features appearances by the vampire Baron Tibor, the Mummy, Mr. Hyde and the Frankenstein Monster. 

So now, in all it's glory, we present THE OCCULT FILES OF DR. SPEKTOR #9 with a cover date of October 1974:  "SHE WHO SERVES THE DARK GODS" written by Donald F. Glut and drawn by Jesse Santos.  Click on the pictures to biggify them so you'll be able to read 'em.

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